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Hi! We are STUDIO BAHA, a bavarian design atelier focussing on interdisciplinary design concepts & visual communication.


STUDIO bAhA / After years in Augsburg and Berlin, abroad and touring across the world, we found a cozy and very special place back home in the southeast of bavaria. Inside a former brewery complex we got offered the opportunity to convert an old brewery hall by our needs into a design studio. With pristine nature surrounding us and two seperate beer gardens nearby, we have plenty of space for refueling our creativity or to transport you to a very special place for a meeting.


Depending upon your needs, we concentrate on branding, logodesign, digital concepts, print media, illustration, 3d visualisation, photography, video & sounddesign. 


KOMMANDERSCH / logodesign and website for 3d artist & designer Daniel Andersch.


We cultivate a highly versatile network of sound designers & musicians, 2d & 3d artists, architects, actors, business consultants and proficient craftsmen with many years of professional experience to fit your needs.


OUR CLIENTS / Complexity & diversity is what fits us most. Tricky tasks are fueling our motivation. If you choose working with us, we´re going to attend your objective from analysis, carve out a suiting strategy, define targets and design it!  


Our approach is to shape your identity at best, classical & futureproof. We follow the strong believe, that design, despite its functionality, is the fundamental basis for a colorful, lively & free culture!  


LOGODESIGN / At the center of every designprocess is you, your business. Your products or services already contrast the competitors? A strong (audio-)visual identity is what sets your individual objective apart from the masses & awakens your customers attention. It is the fine-drawing of your brands goals. The Logo defines the heart of an holistic design strategy & your visual communication.


Logo, branding, interface, editorial design and sophisticated communication are the flavouring ingredients of a substantial corporate design that leads to an unique brand appearance.


PHOTOGRAPHY is not only about knowing your machines inner life. It´s about concepts and the story you want the photographs to tell. It´s about freezing the perfect moment. Forever and meaningful!

But knowing the principles of your camera and lenses result in perfect quality. While a little bit of imperfection and luck implicates the character of an excellent picture. Whether you want your products to look great or you´re looking for conceptual or documentary photography, for a portrait series, landscape or nature photographs, you´re at the right place!
And as you will have noticed, we have a special connection to animals and tiny creatures.


VIDEOGRAPHY / Our approach in filmmaking has it´s roots in many years inside the dadaist arts & noise music scene. We built synthesizers & set up audiovisual installations in order to perform happenings for clubs, ateliers, theatres & art festivals. Driven by social critizism, political satire and loads of humor, we do now benefit from this intense experience in order to create indeed outstanding and unique stories & soundscapes for our clients. 

Likewise photography the moving pictures give us the opportunity to communicate or explain brand intentions, production processes and journalistic or environmental topics for multiple formats. From the idea over storyboards to the final movie we strive for peculiar charm and impressive or humoristic concepts.
Our scope: Interviews, documentary, nature, explainatory, music and image videos as well as videoinstallations or audiovisual conception.



Since the invention of letterpress printing in mid 15. century, placards and posters have always been an excellent way of bringing information to the public. Combining interesting visual content and impressive typography on big formats still gains attention and brings joy into the daily routine!


PRINT MEDIA & EDITORIAL / In brief: If it´s made out of paper, we sketch and illustrate on it, we scribble, plan, brainstorm and write on it, we even fix contracts on beer mats. If you wish, we design for your brand on any quality paper that is appropriate!


Business cards and -paper, brochures, fine art photography, photography prints, portfolios, business plans, flyers, catalogues calendars, styleguides and placards...our passion is typography. If you´re in search of any print media, listed or not, just request!


REPAIR, restore, modify, build or bend it! We´re deep into creating things one can touch & we´re in love with retro tech & neon signs. If you´re looking for, let´s call it "something" by now, that shines, sounds, moves or just looks silly enough to set you apart from the competition, get in touch with us!

Do you remember that times, when every guild or shop had its own individual and handmade promotional sign? When typographers, locksmiths and carpenters worked hand in hand to showcase their fine piece of craftmanship. It is sad to see how these design masterpieces distinct on the quiet and get replaced by lovelessly designed plastic plates. We always look for dusty and rusty signs to restore and reanimate. Or we construct your very own!

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